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Large WIP piles

I don’t tell myself that I cant start a new project. I knit what I want, when I want. Sure I have a large WIP pile, because just like every knitter ever, I have a short attention span with some projects. There have been countless frogged or trashed projects that I just decided to quit on. If I have no other desire to knit something, other than having it finished, what is the point of knitting it at all? Knitting is about making what you enjoy making, creating whatever makes you feel good or fulfilled or in some way makes that emptiness inside you seem less. In my case, I knit things for other people and hardly ever finish projects made for myself. It makes me feel appreciated when someone accepts one of my gifts. Yes, Its very little gratitude for the time and skill put into it, but even this small amount of positive human interaction is enough to make me feel better for a short time. I go so far as to bust my ass making relatives and friends things that they want without charging them a dime.

I wish I could say no, stop caring, and stitch together the void in my soul like I have stitched together so many of the presents I have made for people that don’t really give a damn about me.

If mending myself were that easy, I wouldn’t be pouring my soul into a social media site to be neglected, forgotten, or deleted.

Every sweater I make always goes into the hibernating bag when I get to the stomach. I am not “fat” but I am “thick” and I have to do lots of extra increases when I get to the stomach and that makes me… feel bad. So my shiny sweater will be completed for my sister instead, because that is the only way that it will ever be finished. I should have gone with a large size (look how stretched out my stitches are, ugh).
My sister gets everything, lol. I am always making things that cant possibly fit me and giving them to her. And she still doesn’t like me all that much. Oh well.


I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m a fiber artist. I’m going to be spinning and dyeing and preparing roving over break so if you guys knit or crochet or weave or whatever you guys can just ask for some and I’ll send you a sample of what I make for free. don’t hesitate to ask me! ❤️

I’ve been looking for a hand-spinner and dyer. You don’t have to mail me a sample per se, but I would be interested in seeing pictures and knowing what fibers you use in your pieces. Thank you!


How would I go about making acrylic yarn curly? Not frizzy, curly. I want to make a doll with curly hair and the only yarn I have is acrylic..

An easy way to do it would be to knit a swatch with as much of the yarn as you need. Leave it for a short while then unravel it. It’ll be tightly crimped and without using heat that could possibly melt the acrylic. That’s just an idea, I’ve never done it before myself.

This is the kind of mom I want to be!!!

Well, I’m Living with My Parents Again *Sigh*

My boyfriend had been cheating on me with our now former roommate. I tried to make things work and forgave him. Hes been quite controlling and hostile as of late. Last night he called the cops on me because I said, “If I could kill you, I would.” He told dispatch he feared for his life and whatnot. They get there and find me in tears, a total wreck. I tell them whats been going on and the officers nodded to each other and told me everything I needed to know. My boyfriend had taken my key, they made him give it back. They informed him that I could come and go as I please, because I live there and that’s my home. Things are officially over with him.

Unfortunately, I have a pair of socks, almost finished, that I am making for him. And gloves that I have to weave the ends in on. And a scarf I need to finish for his mother that his great grandmother died before finishing. Yeah… When I eventually get those things finished, I’ll mail them to him. I could give these things to other people, sure. But I love him and I made these things for him. Despite everything, I still want him to have these things. I know its weird, but I cant help.

Also, my mom is a hoarder. I have no bedroom and probably wont for a while. two of my four siblings still live at home. The small three bedroom house is cluttered with useless stuff. There will be no room for my yarn and *sigh* I will have to put the bulk of it in storage with my other things. Basically, all of my stuff will be in storage except things I need on a daily basis. Nothing else will fit in the house. Also, its pretty dirty here… My mom does not clean very well and I cringe every time I imagine having to live here for a long period of time.

I need to get a job so that I can afford the things I need. Like my cat needs food and litter. I like certain luxuries that I cant expect anyone else to provide (i.e. YARN). And not to mention I need a new phone! I cant believe I broke the screen on my phone, sigh. It was my first phone ever, I got it with my first financial aid check.

Yeah, that’s why i haven’t posted in a while
Hamncheezr etsy shop, great yarn and bags. Not to mention that she has a pretty awesome knitted hat pattern!
signal boost to support handmade awesomeness!!!

Hamncheezr etsy shop, great yarn and bags. Not to mention that she has a pretty awesome knitted hat pattern!

signal boost to support handmade awesomeness!!!

All my current WIPs together in a family photo lolz! ^.^
From left to right: Ronduer (sweater), Kilienie (sock), Longsuffering (shawl)
my hookah hose even made a small cameo in the upper left hand corner
A project of firsts! First project knitted on my new Caspian interchangeable circular needles, first shawl, and first project using lace mohair! Coming along great so far :)

My KnitPicks package finally came in!!! This was my first time ordering from them and I must say I was very pleased.